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75,864 Miles

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 Red Wine 
Every year, come early August, we adjust our alarms and start the early morning drives from vineyard to vineyard in a race against the sun. Throughout the year, we work with growers to get to this point, where the fruits of their labor come to fruition. Day in, day out, we rely on cars, trucks, tractors, boots and sometimes bicycles, allowing us to taste, deliberate, taste again and then decide when to pick, and on to the next. Overall, from the ridges of Mendocino to the Sierra Nevada Foothills, from the canyons above Santa Barbara and to everywhere in between, we traverse an area of 75,864 miles, culminating in a haphazard dance across California’s wine regions.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Petite Sirah

Aged 10 months in French Oak Barrels, 18% New
15.4% Alc./Vol.


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