How many shipments per year? Two, surrounding the Spring & Fall Equinox.

How many wines per shipment
Approximately 6 bottles of one new, unique wine. This may vary depending on the varietal, process and vineyard source.

• How much does it cost? $900 per shipment, ground shipping included. Taxes will be charged where applicable. Price subject to change.

• Is this a Red Wine only Club? There will definitely be a selection of red wine and white wine shipments, EQUINOX will showcase the best of the best wines from our cellar. There is no option to do Red Only. Please consider Milk Run if you only prefer Red Wine. 

• How do I pay? Orin Swift will keep your credit card on fileA few weeks prior to each shipment we will charge $900, plus applicable taxes.

• What is the discount? As these premium wines will be produced in small lots exclusively for EQUINOX club members, we do not offer a discount. See Fine Print for more in depth details.

**At this time, the EQUINOX Wine Club is at full capacity and we are accepting additions to our wait list for future membership availability. Please click the Join Now link below to get on the list for upcoming EQUINOX releases.

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