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As a kid growing up off and on in Bristol, England, I have fond memories of waking up and being the first to grab the ice cold glass bottles of milk from the front steps. Groggy eyed, my brother and I would try and muster the dexterity to pull off the thin tin caps without ripping them in half. Every other day or so, the empty bottles would be placed back in their metal carrier and put out on the steps to be exchanged before dawn. No matter what time my brother or I got up, we were never earlier than the Milk Run.

We have also been told by our friends who live in ski-towns across the West that ‘Milk Run’ is a term often used by locals to define getting the first and often the best run of the day.

Milk Run Club is a nod to all of those who rise early to get there first and to those who just get it first.

Thanks to your continued support, it has become harder for us to keep up with the demand for our wines. In an effort to ensure that you will be some of the first to enjoy Orin Swift releases before they sell through, we offer the “Milk Run”.

Club members enjoy benefits in Tasting Room like preferred pricing on experiences as well as an invitation to the annual Milk Run party. Click here for details.

Thank you for your consideration.
Dave Phinney signature
Dave Phinney and the staff at OSC

Cost of Membership is based on the release price of the wines chosen, and shipping will be set at a preferred flat rate which applies to all future purchases*.

To join Milk Run please contact our wine club department, or sign up below.


8 Years in the Desert

Being stranded in a desert leaves a lot to be desired — how to get back home, where to find food, water and shelter, and thoughts of survival. For eight years in the early 2010s, Orin Swift Cellars was barred from making any Zinfandel wines. From the grape that started everything OSC, the ‘desert’ gave us an opportunity to explore the diverse range of California’s grape varietals. But, as soon as those eight years were up, we had a plan in place to pay homage to our home.

2024 shipment scheduled for September.

Orin Swift 8 Years in the Desert Wine

Orin Swift Abstract Wine


One of many definitions of the word, abstract, is a summary of something larger, encompassing the crucial elements, making it easy to comprehend on the fly. Abstract, in its own way, is an abstract of our winemaking mission and the ethos of Orin Swift. It will always have our signature drinkability, comprised of fruit from quality vineyards across California and creates conversations — be it about the wine or the label. For those new to Orin Swift, Abstract is a beloved starting point on a journey with us.

2024 shipment scheduled for October.


In 2019 we forged a partnership with the Napa Valley Community Foundation to help our community rebuild after devastating wildfires. We were overwhelmed, humble and deeply proud how you, the Orin Swift family, responded. The job is not done, so we’re back again this year same cause, same commitment, new wine release. As we learn to adapt with our region and climate, we’ve decided to change things a bit and release the 2020 Burnt Sacrifice as a unique cuvee of Pinot Noir, sourced from prestigious regions across California.

2024 shipment scheduled for December.

Orin Swift Burnt Sacrifice Wine

Orin Swift China Doll Wine


China Doll is an unorthodox approach to Rosé, as this varietal is a wine usually associated with more feminine thoughts. The doll itself was procured by our winemaker and creative director, Dave Phinney, from a local oddities shop in Berkeley that specializes in natural science and all things once living. They have everything from real human skulls to genuine fossils and taxidermy animals. Dave holds a very high standard for all his wines and if it is something he doesn’t think is perfect or wouldn’t drink himself, he will scrap that vintage and not sell the wine. This is exactly what happened with the 2015 vintage of China Doll. Since the inception of this wine in 2014, this has grown to be a fan favorite and sells out quickly!

2024 shipment scheduled for May.


In 2018 we asked you to choose your favorite out of “Double” or “Take” and you delivered resulting in our Orin Swift Merlot — Double Take! Starting in the vineyard, most of the blend comes from Stagecoach Vineyard on Atlas Peak with a small amount from the Lewelling Vineyard in St. Helena. It’s not your average Merlot; so much so that when you first take a sip, you’ll take a second look.

2024 shipment scheduled for August.

Orin Swift Double Take Wine

Orin Swift Face Value Wine


The price of a bottle of wine doesn’t always reflect its value. Gifts, anniversaries or special occasions can add value to a bottle. At Orin wift, we realize that what we do would not be possible without our team. As a results, we decided to pay homage to our team in a way that adds value to each bottle. Comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from across the state, this wine is a tribute to what makes us successful.

There are 96 different labels, each depicting an employee of E&J Gallo, and is only available in 1.5L Magnums.

2024 shipment scheduled for October.


The most widely planted white wine grape in California, Chardonnay is expressed in many different styles due to the state’s varied regions. Microclimates and unique soil types allow us to source Chardonnay that tell us about place, heping us achieve our goals of showing what California has to offer. Before everything is blended, each lot expresses where it comes from — some are acid-forward and mineral-focused, while others are robuts, ripe and fruit-forward. But through blending trials we’re able to bring them together and form a piece of liquid art. Vintage after vintage we source fruit from vineyards across the state of California featuring vineyards located in the Russian River Valley, Atlas Peak and Santa Maria Valley — Mannequin is our manifestation of California Chardonnay.

2024 shipment scheduled for February.

Orin Swift Mannequin Wine

Orin Swift Machete bottle image.


The baddest wine of them all, Machete takes no prisoners. It is in your face aromatically, punching your mouth from within. The tannins remind you what it’s like to feel, and the ink will put a smile on your face. Our simple goals with machete was to elevate Petite Sirah to the main stage and let it express its own attitude. Robust, dominant and unapologetic, the wine creates its own gravity, pulling all towards it with vintage after vintage resulting in a stellar blend of Petite Sirah, Syah and Grenache.

2024 shipment scheduled for April.


Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon is our flagship wine and emphasizes our guiding principle: Without quality grapes, great wine is impossible. It comes from the best lots from very select vineyards in Napa Valley and the wine is a testament to those vineyards, to our principle and to what is possible in Napa Valley. The Liberty Dime on each bottle symbolizes Dave’s favorite coin in his collection growing up and his most prized possesion.

2024 shipment scheduled for May.

Orin Swift Mercury Head Wine

Orin Swift Palermo Wine


Synonymous with the Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted grape varietal in the region. From the valley floor to the mountain tops, we source fruit that expresses individual terrior and produce individuals lots that have a sense of place. With three Bordeaux-style wines in the OSC portfolio, our goal with every lot of Napa Cab is to treat each as if destined for Mercury Head. Through trials, we focus on putting together a wine that represents the broad spectrum of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon year after year.

2024 shipment scheduled for February.


It’s rare to find a wine from the Napa Valley composed of all five Bordeaux-style varietals. But, for many years, that has been Papillon’s focus. The raw strength and prestige of Cabernet Sauvignon buttressed by the opulence of Merlot, the spiciness of Cabernet Franc, the depth of Malbec and the sheet unctuousness of Petit Verdot come together seamlessly.

2024 shipment scheduled for April.

Orin Swift Papillon Wine

Orin Swift Slander Wine


Staying humble and letting the grapes do the talking is how we get better at winemaking every vintage. Pinot Noir requires even more humility, especially in the vineyards — when the grapes are ready, they’re ready. Requiring a gentler approach with punchdowns rather than pumpovers, Pinot Noir expresses itself when it is lead manipulated. Slander is the union of California Pinot Noir made in the Orin Swift signature style delivering a bold and expressive wine.

2024 shipment scheduled for October.


Growing in popularity of late, Grenache is experiencing something many have been behind already for years, decades, centuries. The most versatile grape by far, Grenache has been hidden in blends, playing second fiddle to other varietals. But every vintage, we strive to produce a wine that is unabashadly Grenache — and just how we like it.

2024 shipment scheduled for February.

Orin Swift Trigger Finger Wine

Orin Swift Veladora Wine


Our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Veladora is a small production wine that showcases fruit from one of our favorite vineyards, Solari in Calistoga. Whole cluster pressed and barrel fermented, we’re able to produce a wine that develops a complexity that only comes from contact with oak. A quintessential warm climate Sauvignon Blanc and perfect pairing for those long summer days.

2024 shipment scheduled for July.


You Go First is a dare, an encouragement, and an invitation. It’s a sudden hit of nostalgia, unexpectedly triggered. Schoolyard games, hopping fences, trying a new good, bad thing. It’s having an accomplice that holds the door while you make a run for it. You Go First is that feeling, bubbles and all. A reminder to stay in the present, and stick with people who get you slightly outside your comfort zone. Produced from a variety of vintages from across California, we are proud to introduce the inaugural release of You Go First.

2024 shipment scheduled for October.

Orin Swift You Go First Wine

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